Starting a business in the Netherlands is funStarting a business is fun in general, but starting a business in The Netherlands is even more fun. This small country in the Western part of Europe is known for many things. But what’s interesting for you is the fact that The Netherlands is very well known for it’s:

  • Stable economy
  • Excellent trading environment
  • Welcoming character
  • Broad opportunities

Starting a business in the Netherlands not only gives you the opportunity to discover a whole new market. It also helps you to get a head start to branch out further in Europe from there on out. It brings you opportunities you might have only dreamed of you may never even have considered. The only thing you need to discover is how and where to begin when you are starting a business in the Netherlands.

Starting a business in The Netherlands is easy

On the website you will find all the information you need to set up your company for starting a business in The Netherlands, within just five working days. How exciting is that? The Netherlands is always welcoming new companies to it’s market, because if brings in diversity. Foreign people therefor have the opportunity to start their own business and are even encouraged to do so. Most people in The Netherlands speak multiple languages, of which English is mainly their second language. Speaking fluently English, it makes the Dutch people very interesting to do business with. Communication is easy in this country and because of that Setup Your Dutch Company has developed a program to help you, in English, with starting a business in The Netherlands. This company provides several tools to make it easier for you to get started and build your business and your brand in this country. Starting with the set up of a company in The Netherlands. Which location is interesting for you to set up offices. Being from a foreign country it is difficult to determine which area’s are interesting in value and prize, but also in location. Will the office be easy to reach? Is there public transport and a highway connected to this area or is it close to an international airport. Because The Netherlands is a relatively small country, the time to travel between destinations is not much, so you are not just bound to the expensive area’s around Amsterdam, the capital of the country. Starting a business in The Netherlands, where you set up an office in a more rural area therefor can be lucrative. But this is not all. You wish to know the surrounding companies. Are there competitors, are there other companies that can strengthen your proposition. All this and more is important to determine the right locations and this is just one part of starting a business in  The Netherlands.

There is more to it

You will need further assistance in starting a business in The Netherlands. For example, the business plan, which needs to suit the Dutch market, but also the brand registration. Help with finding suitable business bank services and accountancy services are very important, as well as obtaining a VAT and EORI number. Dutch tax laws can be tricky to understand and this is where the help of Setup Your Dutch Company comes in very handy. The assistance you will receive in starting a business in The Netherlands is personal and continuously present. You will feel as if you have a true partner in the setup of your business and they can even help you get started recruiting locally based employees. Find out what this company can do for you and start your business now.