Kevlar conveyor beltWith the use of the kevlar conveyor belt you can trust on a safety transportation of heavy shipments. This belt is so unique because of its low elongation and the high quality. Therefore it’s used for transportations for long distances. Especially when heavy and big goods are shipped, belts are necessary to keep everything at place. Of course many belts are available for transportation, but they all miss the properties to blindly trust the strength during the full transportation. Until now other solutions needed to be found. In some situations more belts were necessary or frequently replacing the current belt during the transportation. The kevlar conveyor belt is so strong. Extra combinations or frequent replacements are no longer necessary for long distance transportations. This also means that the costs for these transportations will be lower and it takes less time to finish the shipment. If stronger belts, like the kevlar conveyor belt are used, transportation companies will experience many benefits when it comes to the shipments of heavy goods. The company Hardick BV is a supplier of these strong belts. More companies have discovered this strong belt that is a great contributions for heavy transportations around the world.

The benefits of the kevlar conveyor belt

The origin of the kevlar conveyor belt is the Kevlar fiber. This is used for ballistic protection and body armor. Next to this it was also used to reinforce mining belts. This use gave the idea to use this strong material for other purposes like transportation as well. Of course the strength of this belt could also be beneficial for many other circumstances. Many activities exist that could benefit from better and strong belts that do not only reduce costs and time but also ensure more safety. This is why the Kevlar conveyor belt is so useful to purchase next to the following other properties:

  • Impact, penetration and slitting resistant
  • Superior heat and fire resistant
  • Corrosion resistant and rust free
  • No environmental problem

Sometimes transportations go through different areas with different and unpredictable weather circumstances. In this case you need to trust on the solutions and products you have provided to secure the transportation at all time and at all locations. The kevlar conveyor belt keeps its quality in all kinds of circumstances. Of course you don’t expect the worst when it comes to your shipment, but you need to be prepared all the time. When the transportation is provided with the kevlar conveyor belt, you can trust on a safe transportation from beginning to end.

Transportation with the best safety precautions

Order the kevlar conveyor belt at and experience the safety that it’s designed for. The fiber of Kevlar is more resistant against cutting that any other fabric made of nylon or polyester. Don’t get mislead by the lightweight of the belt. The fabric is tough enough from penetrating or longitudinal cutting by sharp materials. The material owns great flexibility and is better resistant to several elements. They survive extreme cold weather or extreme heat. The construction of the fiber does not change due to these conditions and it keeps its high quality through all times. You will realize if you read the information about the Kevlar conveyor belt it’s a worthy investment. Of course it’s a change for all transportations, but you will experience the benefits in no time. In case you have questions about the belt, ask the advice of one of the experts at Hardick BV. They can help you in finding the best solution when it comes to the use of the Kevlar conveyor belt for all situations.