The industrial cameras which are made by Daheng Imaging are up to fifty percent cheaper than comparable cameras which are made in different countries around Europe. One of the cameras which Daheng Imaging produces is the USB 2 camera. Daheng Imaging uses a very smart business model to make it able to sell the USB 2 camera for the cheapest price possible. To make this possible, the people from Getcameras focus on low overhead costs, no unnecessary features, scale advantage and they produce the USB 2 cameras for very low labor costs. Next, to very low prices, Daheng Imaging also offers you excellent support to find the perfect camera that suits your job. 

Why you should buy your USB 2 camera at Getcameras

All of the cameras which Daheng Imaging produces, so also the USB 2 cameras, are tested before they leave the factory. Getcameras produces different types of USB cameras. A consumer USB camera, like the USB 2 camera, is often called a webcam. This type of camera is meant to capture (mostly compressed) images which are optimized for the human eye. These features make it impossible to make a precise measurement with an image processing program. The RAW information which the USB 2 camera provides is the solution to this problem. With the USB 2 camera you can process your images on a computer. You can also determine the exact moment of capturing your image in microseconds. This is possible because the USB 2 camera of Daheng Imaging has a hardware trigger option. This option is not possible for a regular webcam, it is only possible with the industrial cameras. Daheng Imaging also has a demonstrable track record of product life cycle management. It is still possible to buy the first developed machine vision camera of Daheng Imaging, so it is not a well-recognized company on the market yet. 

The USB 2 camera

One of the amazing industrial machine vision cameras which Daheng Imaging produces is the USB 2 camera. The USB 2 camera is the most price competitive interface for industrial machine vision cameras. The USB 2 camera is ideal for bioscience, medical applications, Internet of Things (IoT), laboratory measurements, microscopes, and many more applications. This is an amazing camera with the following features:

  • The USB 2 camera is cheaper than the GigE camera. 
  • The USB 2 camera has cheap cables which you can also buy at Getcameras.
  • The USB 2 camera has a maximum cable length of 4.5 meters, which is pretty long. 
  • Almost every computer has a USB 2 port, so you can plug your USB 2 camera into almost every computer. You also do not need a frame grabber.
  • Both the data communication and power supply for the USB 2 camera are being supplied by the same USB 2 camera. 
  • The bandwidth of the USB 2 camera is forty megabytes per second. Hereby can a 1.3 MP camera capture the maximum of 25 images per second 
  • The USB 2 camera is available with a version with a digital I/O and a vision without a digital I/O (”L”).
  • With the USB 2 camera from Getcameras, it is easy to integrate all image processing applications.