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Feb 27 2014
In February we visited with math posters from Imaginary exhibitions and some workshops and lectures 6 schools in Bialystok and region. The exhibition with Imaginary stand-up and PLACES logo were presented in holls. We spoke with youth and pupils in schools about math, science and art.
Feb 18 2014
Article in the AMCSTI Magazine n°39 on the collaboration around the Biodiversity Trail and the collaboration building the Local Action Plan in Brussels.
Feb 13 2014
On the 12th of february the first Human Rights Café took place. It provided an opportunity for the local human rights coalition, that was formed at the end of last year, to get together, converse and share ideas. Previous encounters of human rights stakeholders in Utrecht, sparked various interesting initiatives, they will get their definitive shape during the coming months.
Feb 10 2014
La Concejala de Empleo, Innovación y Proyectos Emprendedores, Beatriz Simón, ha presidido esta mañana la reunión de la Comisión de Seguimiento del Pacto Local por la Innovación, después de su firma hace aproximadamente un año. Durante la reunión, Simón ha destacado algunas de las iniciativas puestas en marcha durante estos meses: “Hemos impulsado proyectos todas las entidades del Pacto conjunta
Feb 3 2014
El Ayuntamiento de Valencia ha premiado dos trabajos universitarios que aportan ideas innovadoras para el desarrollo de la ciudad: una tesis doctoral que versa sobre la transferencia que existe entre un gran acontecimiento deportivo y la marca patrocinadora, y un proyecto de fin de carrera que estudia la creación y desarrollo de un formato audiovisual para personas con diversidad funcional. La
Dec 18 2013
What is the healthiest city of the Netherlands? Google doesn’t give the answer although many cities have the aspiration of earning the title. Utrecht is one of them with many projects to make the city healthier, more sustainable and more livable.
Dec 18 2013
Innovation is a core value for the Valencian company.
Dec 18 2013
You might be surprised: a debate about human rights in Utrecht? It’s not so bad around here, is it? Most people associate human rights with crimes against humanity in Africa or recently in Russia. But we have to reflect on our own country and city, before we can expand our view towards other countries.
Dec 18 2013
When King Willem-Alexander asked for more participation of the Dutch citizens in his King’s speech (09-17-2013), a storm of reactions followed. Newspaper de Volkskrant headlined: ‘Big society will lead to a ghetto society’. Are people in poor neighborhoods be able to help their neighbors? The timing of the Grote Stadsdebatten (Great City Debates) was impeccable.
Nov 21 2013
In 2007 was installed in the Estremoz County a 30 km diameter Solar System, which is an important attractor for a small city; it was our first approach to the topic of scale problems not only in space but also in time.