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Aug 24 2014
Sabe qual a idade da Terra? Sabe quantos quilogramas de cobre podem estar contidos numa tonelada de telemóveis? Sabe quantos barris de petróleo são consumidos em Portugal por dia? Sabe qual é a quantidade de água consumida em Portugal que é proveniente de captações subterrâneas? De modo a explicar estas e outras questões, no dia 30 de maio celebrou-se, pela primeira vez em Portugal, a profis
Aug 24 2014
Aconteceu entre 17 e 25 de maio. O Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz juntou-se a estas atividades com o intuito de registar a Biodiversidade nacional, aconteceram atividades cientificamente Verdes no Mercado de Estremoz. Dia 17 de maio, das 10h00 às 13h00, foi um dia ainda mais Verde no mercado de Estremoz!
May 16 2014
On the 14th of May, students from D. Dinis High School, in Lisbon, presented the conclusions of a school exercise ‘My School is green’, coordinated by the city partner, and partially developed as the PLACES’ pilot activity. The event consisted of presentations about energy consumption in specific locations of the school and of solutions for its improvement.
May 6 2014
The PLACES declaration continues to rally signatories. The City of Pisa is of of the new comers to the network of Cities of Scientific Culture. Mayor Marco Filippeschi expressed his Municipality's "full and enthusiastic participation to the PLACES network".
Apr 8 2014
The documentary depicting the collaboration between the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the Citizens associations and the Local authorities
Mar 18 2014
The 'Glasgow City of Science' initiative is our PLACES Local Action Plan, the aim of which is to connect people and organisations with an interest in science to add value and improve the lives of the citizens of Glasgow.
Mar 13 2014
Images from Wednesday, March 12: Plenary session and Signing of the PLACES Declaration on the European City of Scientific Culture. view photos here
Mar 12 2014
European Mayors and other regional and city leaders are expressing commitment to scientific culture by signing the PLACES Declaration – a document based on the four years of dynamic work emerging from the PLACES project at the PLACES of Scientific Culture conference.
Mar 7 2014
Skiing holiday week now in Lapland, unfortunately very warm weather - thumbs up that we will have frosty weathers still ahead. Thus no landscapes like this at the moment... See our pilot 1 about the climate change.
Feb 26 2014
In February we visited with math posters from Imaginary exhibitions and some workshops and lectures 6 schools in Bialystok and region. The exhibition with Imaginary stand-up and PLACES logo were presented in holls. We spoke with youth and pupils in schools about math, science and art.