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Archive October, 2011

Oct 28 2011
Brussels citypartneship is currently working on water management. We would like to know which other citypartnership or partner is dealing with this topic in order to exchange on our experiences and potential actions.
Oct 23 2011
Leonardo Alfonsi, the City Partnership Administrator for Perugia, Italy, has written an article about PLACES in Umbria's regional newspaper.
Oct 19 2011
Three years of scientific cross-over to “bridge the gap between the sciences”, as ESSReS coordinator Klaus Grosfeld put it at the official celebration, move the 22 graduate students “somewhere in the wake of Alexander von Humboldt”, as ESSReS spokesman Gerrit Lohmann said. Interdisciplinary courses, soft skill studies, excursions and stays at other institutions were part of the ESSReS programme.
Oct 19 2011
Research Project: Archaeological potential in the North Sea Underwater archaeologist starts work now! The German Maritime Museum now starts a three- years underwater survey on over 2,000 shipwrecks on the the narrow economic zone between Danish and Dutch North Sea. "A shipwreck is like a book in which one can read" says the archaeologist.