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By Alexander Gerber of Rhine Waal University / INNOKOMM Forschungszentrum March 12, 2014 Re-published with permission from: **Our project is coming to a close. At the final conference, I shared a few ideas of the Stakeholders Assembly, which I had the privilege to chair.
The sun rose at 6:48 this Monday morning in Bremen, and it felt like it didn’t settle any more until the late night hours. We heard many interesting speakers during the day and the most entertaining – abba-normal – music in the evening.
Universities, old buildings, robes and gowns, world-class scientists and in between quite a bit of punting and rowing. That's roughly what comes to one's mind when thinking about Cambridge. While many Cambridgians will start to get excited about the next Boat Race coming up – which takes place in early April -, some inhabitants of this beautiful town are travelling to Bremen.
A shipyard in Belfast once built the world's finest ship – but it wasn't to last. The Titanic sank only two weeks after she left dock in Belfast. Maybe she should have stayed. Belfast is a great place to be these days.
Daugavpils, second largest city in Latvia, has many aspects. Literally many: many names, many ethnicities, many languages, many neighbours. The town brands itself as a “multicultural, multiethnic and multifunctional cross-border centre of economic development and services”. And the representatives of Daugavpils are looking forward to many new ideas to take home from the PLACES conference.
Noordwijk is famous for its beautiful beaches and colourful bulb flower fields. After all, it is located in a region known as the "Dune and Bulb Region" (Duin- en Bollenstreek). We've most probably all had our flamboyant tulips from Noordwijk on the dinner table. One might think the fields can even be seen from space...
Henry the Navigator - Dom Henrique o Navegador – has left his mark on Lagos. The Portugese prince had a penchant for exploration and for Africa. Under his patronage, Lagos became the starting point of countless expeditions and crusades to the black continent – with all their famous and infamous implications. In part leaning on this heritage, present-day Lagos is above all a touristic magnet of the Algarve coast. And it is home of a science centre.
Bochum's coat of arms shows a book. What an obvious opening for this blogpost – so clearly showing the early literacy of it's citizens and the high value of education in this town! Unfortuntaley, though, this coat of arms is just a mistake.
Cork, Ireland's second largest city, has a lot of history, and just as much present. Cork City is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe's hippest cities. On top of being nominated European Capital of Culture in 2005, Cork has just won the 'Great Town' Award from the UK's Academy of Urbanism.
_Nuremberg unites many different aspects of life – from spooky medieval dungeons to sparkling Christmas markets, from Bratwurst to astronomy,from finest arts to the Nazi party rally grounds.